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Homeowner Guide

Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan System Control Made Simple...

Find out how to operate your Ecodan Air Source Heat Pump and ensure that your system is running in the most efficient way possible by referring to the helpful Ecodan guides and step by step videos below

‚ÄčEcodan FTC5 Main Controller User Guide

FTC5 Homeowner Quick Start Guide

Ecodan Wireless Controller User Guide

How to top up the pressure on your Air Source Heat Pump System

To top up the pressure on your system you need to turn both black handles in line with the pipe just like shown in the below picture and when the needle gets to the black line on the pressure gage bring both handles back to how they were before. The pressure should read 1.5bar.

Homeowner Video Guides

Programming Hot Water & Heating Timings

Using The Holiday Mode...

Using Energy Monitoring...

Using The Wireless Controller...