Why Install an Air Source Heat Pump?

11 reasons why an Air Source Heat Pump could be the best way to heat your home.

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1) Reduces Your Homes Energy Bills

Air Source Heat Pumps help to reduce the costs of your energy bills, especially in place of conventional electric, oil or LPG heating systems.

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2) Eligible for Government Funding

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme allows UK homeowners to apply for a one-off £5,000 voucher for replacing less efficient gas boilers with air-source heat pumps.

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3) Reduces Your Home's Carbon Emissions

Lower your carbon emissions/ carbon footprint and combat climate change. An Air Source Heat Pump can lower your carbon emissions by 800 to 5410 kilograms.

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4) Work In Low Ambient Temperatures

Air Source Heat Pumps can extract heat from the surrounding air even with the temperature as low as -25°; in these sorts of climates conventional heaters would struggle.
Of course, in the U.K. it would never reach as low as -25° but it does mean throughout the colder months of the year your ASHP will still work at an efficient rate.

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5) Conserve Space

The Air Source Heat Pump outdoor unit has a small footprint so it can be installed in small gardens, all they need is a bit of space for the platform upon which the unit is mounted.
The only other part of the system is the cylinder, no boiler is required so you have more internal space.

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6) No planning permission required

Since the end of 2011, if you live in England, all heat pumps (air, ground and water) are considered a permitted development, so no planning permission is required.

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7) Installation Is Hassle Free

They are quicker and easier to install compared to Ground Source Heat Pumps thus, they are cheaper to install as well. A typical payback time for an ASHP is 6-7 years, depending on the scale of your RHI payments.

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8) Low-maintenance, 'fit-and-forget' technology

Air Source Heat Pumps need very little maintenance; they are referred to as 'fit and forget' technology. Although it is recommended you have your system serviced once a year by a professional installer, click here to view our Service & Maintenance packages.

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9) Long Lasting

Air Source Heat Pumps are incredibly resilient; Mitsubishi Electric offer up to 7 year warranty. Most ASHP's last for up to 15 - 20 years and by then your system will have paid for itself and you will be in profit.

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10) Highly Efficient

Up to three times more efficient than conventional heating systems. for every 1 kW of energy an Air Source Heat Pump uses you get up to 3 kW back making them 300% efficient. Compared to a standard oil boiler which is at best 80% efficient.

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11) Go Hand-In-Hand With Solar PV

Combined with Solar PV you can effectively run your heating & hot water for little - no cost. your PV system will generate free electricity for your ASHP to run off, the two systems work perfectly together and both will see a return on your investment.

Air Source Heat Pumps, What are the benefits?

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